How it works

Discover the Changing Cleaning Experience

Be. the change

Discover the easy 3-step process to prepare your Be.blum cleaning solution for a sparkling clean home:


Fill the Be.blum reusable bottle with  16.9 fl Oz of water


Drop a Be.blum cleaning tablet into the bottle. Allow the tablet to dissolve completely


Wait for dissolution, then close your bottle and start cleaning!


the revolution
Our Be.blum reusable bottle is designed to be reused over and over again. 

By eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles, you can make a positive impact on the environment. Simply refill the bottle with water and a Be.blum cleaning tablet each time you need a fresh cleaning solution.

Be. Sustainable


Our tablet sachets are made from compostable materials, using sugarcane bagasse sourced in Colombia. By choosing an innovative packaging material, we reduce plastic usage and minimize our environmental impact. After use, sachets can be disposed of in a composting system, where they will disintegrate naturally, return nutrients to the soil, and reduce waste.


Our commitment to sustainability extends to our boxes as well. We use 100% recycled materials for our packaging, ensuring an easy recycling process after use. 

Additionally, our boxes are FSC-certified. This certification guarantees that the paper used for their production comes from responsibly managed forests.

Your Cleaning Experience Reinvented

Advantages of using Be.blum Products
  • Practical and Exact Dilution

    Our cleaning tablets provide a convenient and precise dilution ratio, ensuring optimal cleaning results every time.
  • No Rinse Required

    Thanks to the non-toxic nature of our ingredients, Be.blum products do not require rinsing. Simply wipe away excess moisture if necessary.
  • Superior Efficiency

    Our highly effective formulas require less product compared to traditional cleaners, saving you time and reducing the amount of cleaning solution needed.
  • Gentle on Skin and Pets

    Be.blum products are formulated to be gentle on skin and safe for use around pets, providing a clean and safe environment for everyone.
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